Q.  How big is your group and do you hold meetings in other places besides Kingdom City?

A.  We are not a large organization compared to mainline churches. The total number of those believing and calling on the Sacred Names and keeping the Sabbaths in this country is only a few thousand. We are not seeking numbers or striving to become large merely for the sake of quantity.  Ours is a goal of seeking and proclaiming truth to all who have a thirst for deeper Biblical understanding and a willingness to practice their beliefs as Yahweh has commanded.
            Yahshua said it would be a small group of people who would find the narrow way, and those who would inherit the Kingdom would be only a few. He told us, “Fear not, LITTLE flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32)
            Yahweh began with one man, Abram. Less than 200 went into Egypt (Genesis 46:26-27), but approximately two million (Exodus 12:37-38) were brought out by His strong hand. Yahshua had but 12 disciples, and one of them betrayed Him. Yet these men turned the world upside down, and sowed the seeds of truth handed down to us that we might join them in inheriting the Kingdom. The LITTLE FLOCK will one day grow into the millions under the guiding hand of Yahshua.
            Churchianity in general has forgotten that the Savior was from the tribe of Judah, of the house of Israel.  He grew up keeping the Ten Commandments and Sabbaths and kept them until He died.  He proclaimed His Father’s laws and taught His disciples and us to observe them, John 7:16-17, and to do His commandments, 14:31.
            His message was the Kingdom of the Heavens.  He proclaimed that this earth is soon to be governed by Yahweh’s law. He even taught His disciples to petition the Father, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” Luke 11:2.  That is, they were to pray for the Kingdom of Yahweh to be established around the globe wherein Yahweh’s laws and special days will be observed.
            Most churches teach that the laws of the Old Testament are done away, and are not for us today.  It is as if Yahweh tried to teach Israel His commandments and laws, but when they failed to obey, He simply gave up and sent His Son to do away with those laws. (Paul foretold that a time would come when people would not endure sound doctrine, 2Timothy 4:3.)
            Stephen, of the New Testament Assembly, clearly said that Moses received the law (oracles = utterances) on Mt. Sinai “to give unto us,” Acts 7:38.  Revelation 22:14 tells us those who do His commandments have right to the tree of life and may enter into the city of the coming Kingdom.
            Why truth seekers will be few is clear.  Teaching and upholding the Sabbath separates one from the broad field of churchianity. If one goes more deeply into the Scriptures and learns that the Feast days will also be kept in the Millennium, Isaiah 66:23, then keeps them, one finds oneself separated even from a number of Sabbath-keepers who think that observing only the seventh day Sabbath is sufficient. Many reject the fact Isaiah 66:23 shows the seven annual Sabbaths will be kept in the Kingdom.
            Keeping  Yahweh’s Feast Days reminds us that we are not far removed from ancient Israel’s responsibility to be a light to the world. Yahweh promises special blessings to those who keep His days, Deuteronomy 16:15. We are being called out now to be a kingdom of priests to teach others both now and in the kingdom.
            We reign on earth for a thousand years with Yahshua. There is an additional truth we must know:  If we are to be priests and kings under Yahshua, we will be expected to teach others the very laws that will govern subjects in that coming Kingdom (see Micah 4:2). Thus, we gladly accept His laws and obey them. By this time, the number of those who started for the Kingdom has dwindled.  Persecution and ridicule will further thin the ranks and many lacking deep faith will drop out. Perhaps only a third of them who are called to become rulers in the Kingdom under Yahshua will remain steadfast in and will call on His Name and be heard (see Zech. 13:9).
            Yes, we do have a very few areas where brethren gather, and plan to have many more in the future. See our assemblies page for more information.

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