Q. Are we to tithe every week 10% of our money? Thank you. What about the third tithe for every third year?

A. We do believe the commandments to tithe are applicable, but the third tithe is typically covered under our taxation within this country. What that means is, local shelters, food banks, United Way, Serve, etc. are subsidized in part by our taxes. In fact, there is a program for non-profit organizations which is funded by the government in which people are hired and wages are paid for by the government. These people who are in need themselves, help the nonprofit organizations, which, in turn, help the community's poor, widows, orphans, etc. Still, if one is retired and able, the third tithe (e.g., pension, S.S., etc.) can be taken and used to help any non-profit service organization or needy persons in need in one's local community. Of interest, the "year of tithing," mentioned in Scripture (Deut. 26:12), gives the idea of only once during a sabbatical cycle, not every three years. Though, every three years is acceptable. Either way, the taxation we already receive on wages would exceed what Yahweh requires. Concerning when to tithe the first tithe, it is recommended it be done once an increase comes in, since Yahweh specifically says not to delay (Ex. 22:29). For some this is once a week, for others once a month or even quarterly. In addition, one may ask, "Do I tithe on the net or the gross?" Tithing is a personal matter between Yahweh and the individual, but if the net is decided upon, tax refunds should then be considered an increase and therefore tithed from.

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