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2014 Dominica FOT
baptismal mini service
Immersing Anthony Philip
Bro Emmanuel Allan
Bro. Craig Massicot
Bro. Emmanuel Allan
Bro. Garvin Jeremie
Bro. Jefferson Jno. Baptiste
Bro. Peter Winston
Brother Craig Massicot
Building one
Building two
Building three
Building four, the kitchen
Building five
Building six, washroom
Building seven, services
Paradise View Apartment
Children creating artwork
cleaning cattle foot to cook
Cleo the Dog
Cleo and Bro. Mathias Francis
Deacon Russel Bertrand
Dedicating the little ones
Elder George Jno. Baptiste
Elder George Jno. Baptiste as Warrior 8
Elder Handel Ophar
Elder Joseph Francis
Elder Thomas
Family Day Luncheon
Mrs. Carla Francis and her twin daughters all the way from Australia
Sis. Allan
Sis. Angela Sulton
Sis. Angela Sulton and granddaughter
Sis. Carmisha B. Jno Baptiste
Barbeque fundraising
Sis. Clemencia Thomas
Sis. Daphnie St Louis-Jno. Baptiste
Sis. Editha Wayland
Sis. Emaline Bertrand
Sis. Maria Francis
Sis. Rachel Allan
Sis. Rhoda Francis
Sis. Rhoda Francis receiving her winning prizes
Sis. Tamar Brrenda Francis
Special offering in song to Yahweh from the Florida, USA contingent
Sports day
Tug of War
Children's lime on spoon race
Youth Service Day
Youth group dance
Under the tree
We're going home
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