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2014 USA FOT
2014 FOT Group
Afternoon tea before hiking
Appointment of Deacon Joseph Atherton
Bible Study
Bluegill caught by Brother Dewey
Brother Al Special Offering
Brother Arturo Lopez caught a branch
Brother Dewey Moore signing (ASL) the songs
Brother James Campbell preparing to fish
Campgrounds allowed dogs this year, if we kept 'em outside
Cleaning some Bluegill fish
Cliff over the River
Elder David Brett
Elder John Fisher
Elder Roger Meyer
Feast Theme
Gather the Wheat
Hiking Trail
IMG 2979 1067x800
Just relaxing
Lake View
Lopez's Authentic Taco Dinner. Guess who's diet is over
Lopez's Special Offering
Men's Breakfast for everyone
Men's Breakfast preperations
Men's Breakfast
Night of Special Offerings
Old Outhouse-family seating for three
Old Outhouse
On our way to the Feast. Just a little rainy
Sing Along 2014
Sister Liz with her dogs
Sister Marilynn
Sister Phyllis
Sisters getting ready for services
Sisters Mildred and Sister Carrie
Special Offerings
Spiritual Food
The Campbells
The Fishers (2)
The Fishers
The Fosters
Tuning our instruments
Uno card playing
Brother James & Mildred Campbell
Brother Roland Miller
Caught enjoying fellowhip
Elder David & Carrie Brett
Fervent love for one another
Fruit of the Spirit for the deaf community
Love of the brethren
Sister Melissa Taylor
2014 Sisters for life
View of the Lake
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