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2015 FOT Dominica
Five Huts
Entering the campsite
Congregational worship LGD
Congregational worship2
Elder Thomas
Sis Brown
Abigail Christmas
baptismal candidates
Miss Andrew
Leon Lecointe
Laying on of hands
Congregational welcoming
Newly immersed Sisters
Boufet style lunch fellowship
Bro Augustus Paul
Bro Johnathan Elick
Congregational Worship
Elder George Jno Baptiste family
Elder Joseph Francis family
Sis Andrew family
Sis Joycelin Lecointe family
Last Great Day Sabbath worship service
Morning Bible Study
Outdoor family Luncheon
Psalm 100
Sis Emaline Bertrand
Sis Josian Boyd
Sis Marvlyn Jno Baptiste
Sis Nathalise Modest
Sis Tamar Brrenda Francis
Sis Vincia Williams
Tent of Meeting
Worship rejoicing
Worship rejoicing2
Worship rejoicing3
Worship rejoicing4
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Screenshot 2015-11-28-11-37-09
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