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2015 FOT USA
Sheep under the tree and dramatic sky
2015 FOT Group
Services (2)
Baptismal Counseling
Baptismal Preparations
Gathering for Baptism
Amos Campbell's Baptism
Maria Baggs Baptism
Laying on of Hands by the Eldership
Anointing for Healing
Bible Studies
Bible Study (3)
Blessing of the Children
Board of Director's Meeting
Brian and Melinda Huck
Calling from the Sukkot
Checker Tournament Participants
Checkers Tournament
Rope Entanglement-2
David and Mary Hallman Night of Special Offerings
Deacon Joseph Atherton
Donnie and Jaben
Donnie and Simon
Elder John Fisher
Electric Tent
Fellowship (2)
Jaben Campbell Wins the Grand Prize in Checkers Tournament
Jim DeHart Night of Special Offerings
Jim DeHart Presenting a Message
Kitchen Plans
2015 Ladies Day Facials
Liz and Phyllis
Lots of Food (2)
Lots of Food
Magnetic Sign on Vehicle
Mildred Campbell Night of Special Offerings
Morning Breakfast
Pool Time
Prayer offered by John Reece
R.C. Fernald Night of Special Offerings
Services (3)
Services (4)
Simon Campbell Night of Special Offerings
Worship (2)
Worship (3)
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