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2016 USA FOT
Main Feast Theme Banner 623x800
2016 USA FOT Group
Fellowshipping (2) 1067x800
100 plus acres (2) 1067x800
100 plus acres 1067x800
After Bible Study 1067x800
Another shoe picture 1067x800
Banner 1067x800
Bird feeder 1067x800
Brother Brian Huck 1067x800
Brother Gary Hornickel 1067x800
Brother John Reece 1067x800
Brother John Turner 1067x800
Brother Leon Germain 1067x800
Choir Director Elder John Fisher 1067x800
Close up! 1067x800
Door service to the Feast 1067x800
Down at the River 1067x800
Elder David Brett 1067x800
Everyone say Ahh! 1067x800
Everyone say cheese 1067x800
Fall color in the midst of the evergreens 1067x800
Falling leaves in the river 1067x800
Family day activites 1067x800
Feasting 1067x800
Fellowship 1067x800
Fellowshipping (3) 1067x800
Fellowshipping (4) 1067x800
Fellowshipping 1067x800
Food! 1067x800
Fun time while working (2) 1067x800
Gathering at the contemporary Sukkah 1067x800
Getting ready to sing 1067x800
Good smiles 1067x800
Healthy and joyful! 1067x800
I think I got a bite 1067x800
Ice Cream toppings 1067x800
IMAG0603 1067x800
IMAG0604 1067x800
Indian in a canoe near the lake 1067x800
Jeep Trail 1067x800
Jenga on family day 1067x800
Kitchen discussions 1067x800
Kitchen managers 1067x800
Lake swimming dock 1067x800
Your Law Projector Banner 1204x800
Listening to a message 1067x800
Listening to the moderator 1067x800
Looking for the fish 1067x800
Message time 1067x800
New bridge on trail on the way to the river 1067x800
Nice colors 1067x800
Older bridge on the trail 1067x800
River view 1067x800
RV sites 1067x800
Shuffle board on family day 1067x800
Sing Along (2) 1067x800
Sing Along (3) 1067x800
Sing Along (4) 1067x800
Sing Along 1067x800
Sister Angelika Hughes 1067x800
Sister Patricia Hornickel with her pets 1067x800
Sisters busy in the kitchen 1067x800
Songs of Praise (2) 1067x800
Songs of Praise 1067x800
Special suprise foods 1067x800
Spiritual Food! 1067x800
The time is... 1067x800
Time at the lake 1067x800
Time to catch some fish 1067x800
2016Time to Smile
Time to watch some DVDs 1067x800
To swim or not to swim, that is the question. 1067x800
Trail large enough for Jeeps 1067x800
Wide open trail 1067x800
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