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2016 USA PassoverUB
Trumpet Blast by Elder John to Gather
Elders Asking for a Blessing of the Unleavened Bread
Elders Asking for a Blessing of the Grapejuice
Opening Prayer by John
Brother Jim Presenting the Sormenette
Welcoming Loop Video
Elder David Speaking from the Word
Elder David Presenting a Sermon
Enjoying the Messages 1067x800
Song of Praise
Joyful Conversation 600x800
A Chalkfully Good Time for the Children
Balancing Act Take One
Balancing Act Take Two
Balancing Act Three with Supervision by Nicole
Card Game Fun 1067x800
Elder John offering a Pray for the Fellowship Meal
Bible Study Snacks
Buffet after Services
Checking out the Newest Photo Album
Deep Discussion
Digging In
Gary and Patricia
Getting Seated and Ready
Jaben, Donnie, and James
Joyful Fellowship
Judy Preparing a Plate
Nicole Serving the Children
Say Cheese Jaben
Say Cheese with a Mouth Full of Food
Seated and Ready
Elder John Speaking on Last Day of ULB 1067x800
Snack Table
Snacks a Big Success with the Men
The Snack Food is Good
Worship Songs
Brian preparing to blow the Shofar
Nice Sunny Day for a Hat
Paying Attention to the Word of Yahweh
Sunny day to play
The Fishers Singing Songs
Spring Growth
Spring is Here!
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