Up one level
2016 USA Pentecost
All in one accord
Two leavened loaves
Prayer on Pentecost
Nice day (Pentecost) for a baptism
Baptism of Allan Guzman
Laying on of hands for the Spirit
Welcoming Brother Allan
Brethren welcoming Allan to the body of Messiah
Elder David offering a new CD with 77 songs on it!
Elder Roger Meyer
Gary presenting a message
Gathering Together
Hold that thought!
IMG 0288
Offering of prayer
Jim presenting a message
Sing praise to Yahweh
John and Liz Fisher
Let's hit those deep notes
Praise and Worship Music
Violin for praise music
Gary and Patricia Hornickel
Jaben and Donnie
John and Jaben
Mildred and Patricia
Prayer over the food
Physical blessing of food
Singing praise
The Brett's 20th Anniversary
jAlbum photo album software, Gromit 23