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2017 Dominica UB
Congregational singing
Bro Craig Massicott moderating
Message by Elder Joseph Francis
Song by Bro James Modest
Song by Deacon Russel Bertrand
Song by Sis. Emaline Bertrand
Song by Sis. Connie Francis-Ophar
Song by Sis. Ancella Andrew-Francis
Prayer by Bro. Garvin Garve Jeremy
Congregational singing and rejoicing
Bro Augustus Paul Andrew during the closing congregational singing
Deacon Russel Bertrand delivers the wave sheaf message
Elder Handel H Ophar
Song by Sis Jacqueline Massicot
Song by Sis Marvlyn Jno Baptiste
Song by Sis Nathalise Modest
Youth drummer Shem Ophar
Song by Elder Joseph Francis
Closing prayer
Last day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread lunch fellowship
Bible reasoning
Reasoning on a Bible subject matter
jAlbum photo album software, Gromit 23