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2020 USA FOT
YAIY Group Picture 1600x777
Announcements 1600x1200
Anointings 1600x1119
Auction Blankets 1600x518
Auction Bracelet 2 1363x1200
Auction Bracelet1 1242x1200
Auction Bracelets 1600x668
Auction Jade Bracelet 1600x972
Auction Kitchen Gloves 1600x691
Auction Music Instrument 1600x1200
Auction Name Bracelet 545x1200
Auction Neckless Set 1463x1200
Auction Neckless 1277x1200
Auction Shirts 1600x1030
Auction Soap in Blankets 1600x697
auctiontea 1600x1200
Auctiontea2 1600x1200
Auctiotea 4 1600x1200
Barbeque Master 1600x1200
Beautiful Sunset 1600x1200
Bible Study1 1600x732
Blessed Cup 983x1200
Blessing of Children 1328x1200
Breaktime 1600x1200
Brother Bob Covey 1600x1200
Brother Brian 1018x1200
Brother Donnie's Special Offering 1600x1200
Brother Lucas' Message 1600x1200
Brother Lucas' Presentation 1553x1200
Brother Steven 1600x820
Cakes 1600x689
Camping Missourri Style 1600x1200
Caught Practicing 2 1600x1200
Closing Prayer 1600x1200
Cookies 1600x1021
Curious Smiles 1544x1200
Discussion1 1600x1200
Ducks Offered Watermelon 1600x974
Elder David and Carrie's Special Offering 1600x1200
Elder David Brett 1037x1200
Elder John Reece 797x1200
Elder Tom Schattke 781x1200
Explanation 1600x1159
Friendly Dog 1352x1200
Funny Question 1600x927
Gathered Together 1600x1036
Gathering in Unity 1600x1200
Good Messages 1600x1140
Hawaiian Chicken 1120x1200
Kids For Yah 1600x1023
Kids For Yah2 1600x618
Kitchen discussions 1600x994
Ladies Day Prizes 1600x886
Literature 1238x1200
Little One is Tired 1492x1200
Melinda Huck 1600x1200
Note Taking 1308x1200
Opening Prayer 1600x1200
Our Own Little Table 1600x1200
Pet Turtles Warming Up 1600x1200
Pet Turtles 1600x1200
Playing cards 1128x1200
Prayer 1600x1200
Prayers 1600x796
Preparing for Bible Study 1600x1076
Psalm 133 Feast Theme
Relax 1342x1200
Rise for Prayer 1600x949
Scripture Readings 1600x1200
Setting up Teleprompter 1407x1200
Shalom 1600x1074
She Gets Good Gas Mileage, Too 1246x1200
Shirt 1600x1135
Shofars 1408x1200
Silent Auction 1516x1200
Sister Helen 702x1200
Sister Malinda's Special Offering 1120x1200
Sister Marilyn 1600x1200
Sister Nicole's Special Offering 1600x1200
Some Watermelons Still Left 1600x1200
Songs of Praise 1600x1200
Special Offering from Avalos Sisters 1600x1132
Staying Busy 1600x1200
Staying Busy2 1241x1200
Study the Word 1600x981
time to pack up 1016x1200
Top Down Shot 1600x1200
Top Down Shot2 1283x1200
Watch Your Step 1600x1200
What 1600x1200
What's that 502x1200
Who let the ducks out 1600x1132
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