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Many of the truths in the Bible have been glossed over or simply ignored. YAIY Beacon Magazine goes into the Scriptures in depth to reveal and explain what most never teach... Truths that have a direct bearing on personal salvation. Let the Beacon guide you through the Bible as restores, "the faith once delivered to the saints." Jude 1:3

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January - March 2017


Analysis of Proverbs 8
"The traditional teaching of the Trinity, borrowed and adapted from pagan societies, has clouded the minds of people so much that it's hard to see the truth when presented..."  <read more>
Learn From Experience
"All down through the annals of time, history records for us certain comparisons of good versus bad, of law abiding versus law abusing, of righteousness versus unrighteousness...”   <read more>
An Intimate Relationship With Yahweh
Do You Have One?

"There is one El! Thou believest that there is one El; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble, James 2:19. First, one must establish that a relationship exists. And how is this done?"   <read more>
New Moons
"The new year, in our modern world, begins in the dead of winter, at a time when vegetation is in hibernation, and growth is at a standstill. With the Biblical calendar, this is not so, for Yahweh has legislated in His Word that spring is the time to begin our year...”   <read more>