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Many of the truths in the Bible have been glossed over or simply ignored. YAIY Beacon Magazine goes into the Scriptures in depth to reveal and explain what most never teach... Truths that have a direct bearing on personal salvation. Let the Beacon guide you through the Bible as restores, "the faith once delivered to the saints." Jude 1:3

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October - December 2017


To Ask for Mercy
"If you are before the judge, guilty, say, “I plead guilty, your honor, and place myself at the mercy of the court..."  <read more>
New Moons 101
"Ask any Bible believer in the world what the Scriptural new moon is and you'll have few answers as to what it might be and also many blank looks, as most people don't have any idea..."   <read more>
"The book of Proverbs, beginning with chapter 10, now takes on a new appearance, beginning with chapter 10."   <read more>
Subdue and Dominion
"...Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,and SUBDUE it: and have DOMINION..."   <read more>
What Happens After Death?
"Death, then, is a state of total unconsciousness. But, you might ask, what about Lazarus and the rich man or the other Scriptures indicating that dead people talk?"   <read more>