- 2020 USA Feast of Tabernacles Online Registration Form

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October 3-9, 2020 (The Eighth Day is October 10th)
Camp Woodland Hills, St. Clair, MO USA

Please submit no later than September 15th.

  Your choice of accommodations (children 5 and under free):
  1. Lodge Room (8 bunk beds) $19 per person, per day.
  2. Cabin Room (8 bunk beds) $19 per person, per day, plus $25 per room, per day.
  3. Camping (campers, RVs, tents). $19 per person.
  4. Local Hotel/Motels (located nearby) are available.

  Optional Fellowship Meals:
  $4.00 for one scheduled meal, per day, per person. Childen 5 years and under are free.

  Volunteers Needed!
  Volunteers are needed in the folowing areas: Grounds Cleanup, Dining Room Cleanup,
  Meeting Hall Cleanup, Restroom Cleanup, Piano playing (or other talents), Children's classes, and other areas.

  Upon submitting this form you will be directed to a page to enable you to use Paypal to provide a
  $50 non-refundable reservation deposit fee to YAIY (to be applied toward your total camping fee).
  Remaining camp fees will be paid to YAIY when you arrive at the Feast site.

  Contact Us or call us at: 1-573-642-4100.

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