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Many of the truths in the Bible have been glossed over or simply ignored. YAIY Beacon Magazine goes into the Scriptures in depth to reveal and explain what most never teach... Truths that have a direct bearing on personal salvation. Let the Beacon guide you through the Bible as restores, "the faith once delivered to the saints." Jude 1:3

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April - June 2019


The Passover Memorial
"There were only four days before the last plague was to come upon the once mighty kingdom of Egypt, and it was to be the worst plague of all. Nine plagues, the first three of which Yahweh’s chosen people had to go through, stripped the land, and those living on it, of their pride. Yet, Pharaoh’s heart was hardened and his pride would not let the children of Israel go. This, however, would work to Yahweh’s advantage, as He would bring the children of Israel out on the proverbial wings of an eagle..."  <read more>
End Time Prophecy (updated)
"2,500 years ago, there was a man named Daniel who worshiped the Ancient of Days―the One Who Was and Who Is and Who Will Be―Yahweh the Almighty. Today there are a people who pray to Yahweh and call upon His Name, worshipping Him in His Spirit and in His Truth..."   <read more>
Yahweh's Lists
"Very much rhetoric coming from the pulpits of Christianity is taken up with promises, rewards, and inheritance. But there is much, much more in Scripture, that speaks of disinheritance!"   <read more>
Unleavened Bread Recipes
July-Sept. 2019
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October-Dec. 2019
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July-Sept. 2018
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Investment of a Lifetime
Lean On Me
History-Coming Events!

October-Dec. 2018
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Make Wise Decisions
In the Likeness of Elohim
The Christmas Fantasy